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Family Money Coaching

When you work with a financial coach, you might not learn things that are new - because most of the basics of money management; budgeting, saving, choosing what to spend on and what not to spend on, are common knowledge.​

But the reason we work with a coach is so that we have someone else, a trusted professional, with whom we can gently explore our finances - asking ourself what we want out of our family money, and whether the way that we currently use it, is really bringing us the results that we want. 

With that in mind, please read on to find out a little bit more about my service.

  • "Financial Freshen Up"

The Freshen Up includes a series of spreadsheets and exercises to help you really assess your family spending, what you are currently paying for - and whether you are getting maximum benefit from your monthly budget. 

Spreadsheets plus 2 x 60 minute sessions with Charlotte = £200

​In the current climate, with rising inflation, a real-term fall in wages, soaring energy prices, tax hikes and bank rate rises - it's important to really focus on what we CAN do as families to reduce our costs on the things that don't provide us value, so that we have more money for the things that do. 

The Financial Freshen Up is the best way to get started on really confronting whether your family finances are working for you. 

  • Bespoke Sessions

If your requirements are more in-depth than budgeting and reviewing where your money is going; (perhaps you feel like you have emotional blocks around money, or you are anxious about embarking upon a new stage in your life such as marriage, moving in together or children) then you will find working with me on a bespoke basis more suited to your needs. 

These sessions include the spreadsheets and exercises in the Financial Freshen Up, but also include your notes from each session and a complete coaching plan detailing what we are aiming to achieve, how and by when.

Additionally, if you choose bespoke sessions, you gain access to me via WhatsApp outside of your sessions to discuss any worries or anxieties that come up for you during coaching. 

Bespoke Sessions = £150 per 60 minute session

If you would like to discuss working with me, then the best thing to do would be to head on over to the Book a call and FAQ page.

There you can book a completely free (and without obligation) 30 minute "connectivity call". This is designed to ensure that we "fit" and would work well together as a coaching team.

Also - if you feel that you really would benefit from working with a financial coach but you are going to struggle affording my service - please do still get in touch. I keep a few client spaces each month open for discounted rates - so may still be able to help.

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Real Clients, Real Results, Real Reviews

"Laser Coaching that works". 

"I've given quick fire visual coaching to clients myself in my own practice; but never been on the other side of it. That was great, and really focused me on what I want".

Clare - Coach

Working with Charlotte is based on two things - honesty and integrity. 

Charlotte provides honest coaching, that is based on your needs and your family vision. Her integrity shines through in every session.

A truly holistic approach. 

Geoff - Builder

"I really enjoyed my sessions. I felt like I was chatting to a friend rather than a financial planner and it was very informal but so helpful. I have spent the last few days reflecting on the guidance I was given and have begun to feel more in control of my situation."

Jo - Outreach

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