Hi! I’m Charlotte – a qualified Family Money Coach.

Financial advisers, banks, online gurus and even the media focus on telling families that they need to spend less and save more, that having more money means fewer problems.

But in my experience, Money isn't what families value. We value time, experiences, security, each other, relationships. 

I created The FMC to provide a service that helps families to really look at their budget and ask - do we value what we're spending?

Trivia about me

Favourite Thing: Jam Tarts

Least Favourite Thing: Really hot weather!

Sport: Tennis

Cat or Dog: Cat




I am Charlotte’s husband – and very much not a money coach. 

I hope you enjoy looking around this website and reading our blog – because the emphasis in Charlotte’s “world” isn’t on the “finances” at all. 

Charlotte helps families, just like us, think about whether the money they have is helping them achieve what they want.

Trivia about Me:

Favourite Thing: Marmite

Hated Foodstuff: Oysters

Music: House

Fun Fact: can fit 4 Rich Tea biscuits in his mouth all at once!


Rosalind AKA
The Bug

Rosalind was, and continues to be, the daily inspiration for The FMC.

She couldn’t write her own introduction because she’s still only 2 – but her role is super important nevertheless.

Rosalind reminds us everyday why The FMC is important - because families don't just provide a financial foundation for their children - we teach them their values too. 

Family money coaching isn’t about money - it's about your values. And it's about getting maximum value from your money for the benefit of your family. 

Trivia about her:

Favourite Thing: Tractors!!

Least Favourite Thing: Going to Bed

Best Friend: Rangu (large stuffed teddy bear)

TV Show: Peppa Pig (and Countryfile…)